It consisted of a walnut core with laminated cocobolo top and back, maple and rosewood neck, laminated headstock, fret board with recycled ivory inlays, and black Schaller hardware. The namesake inlay was made of warthog tusk.

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The guitar took a couple tumbles during the Grateful Dead's European tour—one that resulted in a minor crack in the headstock. When Jerry brought the guitar for repairs, Irwin then swapped out the peacock for his own eagle logo and added the wolf inlay. Other modifications occurred in September of 1977 and mid-1978.


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I recommend 3 Piece CRA (Hat/Top/Bottom) + 5 Piece Absolab (Absolab Scrolled Lapis/Lazuli). But then again it’s Reboot, y’all have your own meta.


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This is one of the most powerful Ancient Masterian Relic items I know of! These were bestowed only upon the wisest Masters of Crimsonwood Keep, those who had seen both the depths of the light and the dark, and achieved true balance in their mind and soul.


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They were fierce fighters, but warriors who lived as one with the creatures they shared their jungle with. However, they seem to have been driven to extinction, I surmise by the fearsome Krakians themselves. The spirit forms of their greatest warriors were carved into totems to honor their greatness and valor after they fell in battle.

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Take it to Spindle in the Omega Sector. You still need some other materials to create this item and Spindle will explain to you what you need.


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Add the fact that he’s only 30 (not old for a goalie), and has very low mileage considering he’s only been a starter for 5 NHL seasons, I just don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t expect Andersen to fully regress to his former self. Even an average season by his standards is far superior to the one he had last year.

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Do not prioritize Flaming the swords. The swords are treated as normal weapons and thus will only gain up to Tier 5 normal flames.


When he sent Top Hat, Cripe told Jerry’s staff to pay him whatever they thought it was worth—he received a check for $6,500, which made it the first guitar that he ever sold. Although Jerry almost never played it, he was extremely happy with the final product.

Cripe was admittedly not much of an electronics guy. So, almost immediately, Jerry gave Lightning Bolt to San Francisco repairman Gary Brawer to have the electronics re-done the way he preferred—namely making it MIDI-compatible. Cripe hadn’t known that the oval-shaped body inlays on Tiger and Rosebud concealed their batteries, so Brawer had to remove his inlay and put it on a cover-plate. A new bridge was installed during the final Grateful Dead tour.


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Beta has Immune Barrier that has a reset-able cooldown that will tank a hit. Time Holding will make Zero invincible for 15 seconds. Lastly, Twin Blades of Time will make you invincible for the duration of the skill’s attack animation (it’s a hold-down skill).

I’ll be using a simple calculation of HDscSA (High Danger scoring chance Shots Against). If I look at the % of shots that fall into this category, and then compare the 4 seasons that Andersen has had in Toronto, we can get a decent look at how the Leafs defended the high danger areas last year in front of Andersen.


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Let’s consider that last stat for a minute. The Leafs would have allowed roughly 13 less goals at 5v5 over the course of the 70 game season if they had a league average SV%.

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This is one of the very things that has brought me to the continent of Masteria! Years ago, deep in the bowels of one of the Nihalian Pyramids, I discovered a door to a locked chamber, encircled with engravings of these Ankhs.

Over the years, the guitar was repeatedly customized and updated. Along with these structural modifications, this Strat was easily identified by its prominent stickers–namely the alligator holding a knife and fork, dancing across the pick guard.


In Zero’s Temple, there is a bookshelf. Three times a day this bookshelf will give you a ton of trait experience.

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Zero has an advanced binding mechanic. Shadow Rain is a 100% 4-sec bind derived from Beta’s Critical Bind passive. This Critical Bind has a 35-second cooldown that is reset-able. At 5th Job, begin the chain binding with Chrono Break (~10 seconds; it is a normal bind that does not stack with other typical binds like Erda Nova). Once this bind wears off, use Shadow Rain (animation cancel if possible (see above), this skill will lock you out for 3 seconds if you don’t). Reset the cooldown timer with Time Holding, and attack with your skills to proc Critical Bind after Shadow Rain‘s bind wears off. Once this second bind wears off, reset the cooldown timer again with Transcendent Rhinne’s Blessing and attack again to proc the third Critical Bind.

Trinode Priorities: Wind Cutter/Wind Striker/Storm Break and Rolling Cross/Rolling Assault/Shadow Rain. You only need a set of trinodes to upgrade both Alpha’s and Beta’s skills. Alpha’s and Beta’s skills do not have separate trinodes.


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Zero’s Weapon can be treated as a part of a set based on the Lucky Item Scroll used. You have to farm Chaos Vellum for the Root Abyss (Warrior) Lucky Weapon Scroll to make it part of the CRA Warrior Set or buy the Absolab (Warrior) Lucky Scroll for 1 Absolab Coin to make it part of the Absolab Set. If you boom your weapon, you will lose the Lucky Weapon Scroll effect.

Post Big Bang patch you will need 500 of each Pin Hov's Charm and Cracked Shell

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Zero has a personal Empress-equivalent craftable armor set for a total of 3500 Time Coins. It consists of a Hat, Overall, Shoes, Gloves, Cape, Belt, and Shoulder.