With Web of Shadows developer Treyarch builds on top of the foundation they laid with Spiderman 3. As Spiderman the player is put in charge of saving the city from a state of decay. The substance that spawned Spideys arch nemesis Venom has run amok in the city with total chaos as a direct result. The premise of the game is interesting but a horrible game camera and an overall lackluster framing makes the experience passable at best.

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Despite saying that the game is "built around it" in marketing, you can break down the choices to a handful of specific moments throughout. As well, it isn't always clear what you're choosing. Something will happen, and the game will ask you to pick between Red and Black but it doesn't tell you what that choice actually means.


Plus it introduces the Ultimate Beetle. But, y'know, why is the Vulture here?

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KoS is a 2d turn-based strategy game (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=3070). Trying to keep classic games style.


The broad strokes are good, but there's a lot of weird filler all over the place to fit in other elements. Not to say it's bad, but there's a reason why they cut out most of the plot when they adapted it back into the comics. The other big flaw is in regards to the difficulty curve. The game doesn't so much feel like a curve as like a zigzag. Random boss battles or missions will be incredibly difficult, only for the next two hours of the game to be easy and relaxing.

I wish they'd do something like that again, it was fun. But that doesn't mean we're done with Venom because we're on to the next game!


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The Black Suit path is really atrocious from a game (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=7198) writing perspective. It relies on everyone acting as out of character as possible and consistently making dumb decisions.

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But there are also big gameplay problems. The game (you can find out more) has you repeat multiple bosses, with them normal the first time and Venomized the second. It's really lazy as a way to stretch out the game (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=8411) and it's transparent as well.

The random street fights with Shocker and Boomerang are nice surprises and the story fights against Electro and Silver Sable fit in naturally. But characters like Green Goblin and Carnage come right out of nowhere and don't really feel like they fit in. Like, there is no reason for Green Goblin to be here. He appears with no reason given, you beat him, and he never comes back. And it really feels like no big deal plotwise, which is a bad thing to do in regards to a Green Goblin fight. Venom's boss fights feel more plot justified, as most are related to different groups trying to capture and experiment on the symbiote. But that's not to say some of the villains aren't done right. That Rhino fight is super fun and cool, and Trask is integral to the story.


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Hey, does anybody know how to translate the Dubois algorithm that Nvidia 3D anaglyph uses into the matrixes that iZ3D uses so I can add it as the custom color. The Optimized Anaglyph mode that iZ3D uses creates some weird ghosting in Spiderman (use this link): Web of Shadows, but only iZ3D can create the 3D in that game without causing graphic glitches.

Game Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Like I mentioned, the story is mediocre at best. And really friggin' terrible at worst.


It's always a nice surprise to get some Moon Knight, and he, Luke Cage, and Wolverine are all on point. Wolverine is especially well written and it's nice to see his and Spider-Man's relationship play out. Venom is a spooky monster again without too much characterization to speak of.

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Throughout the adventure, Spider-Man finds ally ship in either his heroic friends (Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Wolverine) or his former enemies (Vulture, Black Cat, Rhino, Electro). The story is a little hard to talk about because of the morality system but the real only way to play is Red Path. The Black Path plot is dumb as hell, and just reads like edgy fanfiction written by someone who doesn't understand why Spider-Man is fun.

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So I decided to look at the last 6 of them before the current one (with some exceptions to simplify things). Starting with 2005's Earth 1610 based Ultimate Spider-Man and the Venomized Web of Shadows (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=6046) in this article. Next time, we'll cover the alternate dimension jaunt Shattered Dimensions and its sequel Edge of Time. In part three, we'll go Amazing with the first and second Amazing Spider-Man games (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=7406).


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As of the present, I'd say this is probably my second or third favorite Spider-Man game overall. The character writing of the main cast is spot on, and it being a sequel to a specific comic book arc is really cool. I honestly wish it had just adapted the series more directly, since the tutorial level which lets you play through a scene from the comic directly is super fun. And it'll be the last Spider-Man game to let you play as Venom, sadly.

The dream catchers originally came to us from Native Americans. They think that Dreams are the messages sent by sacred spirits. The web of dream catcher catches good dreams and they reach the sleeper, while letting bad ones to slip away.


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The Green Goblin fight is the best example I can think of, as it's much more frustrating and difficult than anything surrounding it, and comes right in the middle of the game. Some of the Venom sections also get quite hard, as Venom's slower speed makes it harder to avoid taking damage. Even though you can heal, it's a lengthy process that can be interrupted at any moment.

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Now I must first volunteer that I'm not a games writer by trade, or even too much of a gamer. I only bought my PS4 this year and that was explicitly for Spider-Man and Arkham Knight.

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