Story 201 Tooley Street, London SE1, 020-7183 2117. Open Tues-Sat, lunch noon-2pm, dinner 6/30-9pm. Set menu: £45 for six courses, £65 for 10 (lunch, £35 for three courses from either menu), plus drinks & service.

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Setting up a local SEO campaign is quite a practical and straightforward process. However you do need to know your ABCs of local search and use the proper tools to make it effective.


More businesses offer live chats on their websites with agents. It's faster and more efficient than e-mail because you can have real-time dialogue and have a transcript of the conversation before signing off.

Basement of a restaurant

Attal as Gary is a husband who isn't about to make a scene learning that Jean is putting herself in danger. Trying to support her fears of surveillance, a decision must be made and it is not an easy one. Qualley as Linette is a wife who doesn't fit into the stereotype of what an FBI wife should be. Learning that Seberg is the person her husband is investigating brings her own questions about his work. I was happy with Qualley's moxy!


Brannan’s district includes Bensonhurst, where many of the workers live in “Pequeña Guate,” or little Guatemala. He said these bills would “help secure some basic protections and benefits for the deliveristas” who are some of the “least protected” workers in the city.

Share and save story as a post

The local SEO study I cited previously from Moz ranks Google My Business as the number one source of traffic for local businesses. So, it’s paramount that you learn how to set it up correctly.


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Guest Author: Nital Shah is the CEO and Founder of Octos Digital Marketing Agency. He is an expert in search strategies, planning and management with ten years under his belt and is serving top corporate brands in Australia. Nital can be connected on Email and LinkedIn.

Dealing with winter's cracking fingertips

When you are uploading an image of your restaurant to Flickr, Picasa or other image platforms, fill in the tags with your location and other keyword-rich information. That way, you increase the chances that your restaurant will show up on the first page of Google. Preferably with a beautiful looking visual of your signature dish!


No one wants to drive 20 miles to eat a delicious dinner. People want to find the best places that are closest to them. Sure, you can’t change your restaurant (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=8916)’s physical location, but you can influence other factors that drive your prospects’ searches and make you a top ranking business in your area.

How 3 Independent Restaurant

Here’s the problem: you have a million and one other tasks on your plate (pun fully intended). You have to prepare the menu, negotiate with suppliers, hire the right personnel, and make sure everything is in pristine condition. With your energy divided into all areas of your business, you don’t have time to tend to a website and market it effectively.


State of the Restaurant Industry

Researchers are not sure whether this is a real complication of statin-type drugs or just a coincidence. In the meantime, it is still important to control cholesterol, since both it and diabetes can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Want to recreate your space but worry about no professional design skills? EdrawMax Online solves this problem by providing various types of top-quality inbuilt symbols, icons, elements, and templates to help you design your ideal building layout. All symbols are vector-based and resizable. Simply choose an easy-to-customize template from our template gallery and fill your floor plan with the symbols your need. A remarkable design will be generated quickly.


I can hide them under gloves in the winter, but in the summer they’re out in plain view. Bandages bring me some relief, but don’t solve the problem. As soon as they come off, the splits start to open again. I’ve seen so many dermatologists in my lifetime I have lost count.

Consumers respond to new off-premises options at restaurants

Thanks for sharing your experience. Many people have insect repellent in the house but don’t always have acetone handy.

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Consumers have more tools than ever to cut through customer-service clutter. Technology has given people a powerful voice, allowing their customer service complaints to be heard. Internet forums can turn one person's headache into a corporate nightmare. Companies actively patrol social-networking venues such as Facebook and YouTube to monitor what's being said about them—and often respond to customer service complaints before they go viral. Twitter has become the go-to brand for support. There's even an app called GripeO that will take your complaint right to a company's doorstep.

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How to Survive 5 Common Restaurant

I was put on Lipitor to control cholesterol, and it shot my blood sugar through the roof. My doctor suggested switching to Crestor. Would this drug also affect blood sugar?


I read in your column a letter from a person whose cholesterol went from 180 to over 300 after taking glucosamine and chondroitin for sore knees. I think it is not the glucosamine, but the chondroitin that raises cholesterol.

For example you could build your business page on specialized websites like TripAdvisor or Yelp, as they will often appear in Google search results too. There are also other aggregation sites such as Zomato to consider.


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Many other readers agree that old-fashioned Listerine can help fight flakes and itching on the scalp. That may be because the alcohol and herbal oils in Listerine have anti-fungal properties. Since dandruff is caused by yeast (a type of fungus), it is not that surprising that this mouthwash might be beneficial.

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Use the scale tool and auto-measure feature to adjust the walls, doors, and fixtures in your floor plan. The inbuilt grid lines and rulers will also help you to align and arrange elements.


It is the 1960s and hot off her success in director Otto Preminger's film Saint Joan actress Jean Seberg (Kristen Stewart) finds equal success in the Jean-Luc Godard's film Breathless. Returning to Hollywood preparing for an audition for the next film from her home in France, she says goodbye to a young son Diego (Gabriel Sky) and husband Romain Gary (Yvan Attal).

In the study, a few women on testosterone were diagnosed with breast cancer. The researchers could not determine whether this hormone was responsible. Long-term side effects of testosterone have not been studied.


We’ve got some good, and some not so good news for you. Eventually, we recommend you have a website. Your own asset that you own in the online world. However, in the short term it is still possible to rank on page one of a Google search even if you don’t have your own website.

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And then food starts coming and you shut the hell up. "Snacks": cod skin crisped into translucent almost-paper; nasturtium flowers cradling oyster sabayon; a rectangle of tender rabbit stuffed with tarragon-scented mousseline and topped with soused carrot of different hues. They're as decorative as modern art and as neckable as Pringles. Then raw scallop with the slippery sweetness of a first snog, spiked with horseradish cream and more nasturtium, and served with cucumber spheres black with dill "ash": sensory light and shade.

Getting customers in an industry as competitive as the restaurant business comes with a number of unique challenges. One of these challenges is the growing expectation of consumers being able to access information about your restaurant (important site) online. So being present online is essential to your success.


How to Select a Restaurant

Although the makers of Listerine used to advertise it for “infectious” dandruff, the FDA no longer permits this claim. Nevertheless, rinsing with Listerine (or a generic house-brand equivalent) seems like a cost-effective tactic for discouraging dandruff.

Now that my son is in day care, I am constantly getting his colds and coughs. What can you recommend for easing the symptoms? I am not big on drugstore remedies.


Jack and Carl begin surveillance on Jean sneaking into her home and bugging it. It doesn't take long before they see and hear that Seberg starts an affair with the married Jamal. Wanting to find a way to make it work to their advantage, Jean refuses to stop associating or giving financial support to those working in the civil rights movement.

Normally, I'm not even vaguely interested in that kind of nonsense, but here I am witnessing Story (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=8358)'s baby steps: hypesteria got to me. And it's just as I imagined, the air steeped in jittery anxiety, the staff like nervy meerkats. If 26-year-old chef Tom Sellers weren't quite so confident in his own ability, I'd feel sorry for him. Within nanoseconds of launching, it's booked to the rafters and overexcited pundits are feverishly pronouncing it "the new Dabbous".


Restaurant Industry in Free Fall; 10,000 Close in Three Months

About one-third will need closer to a year to recover, and 36% believe a year to 18 months is realistic. Not surprisingly, nearly everyone — 90% — continues to report lower sales compared to this time last year, for the third month in a row.

Be on Facebook, Instagram or FourSquare and always mention your business page in your profile descriptions. This way, you gain additional exposure and get more referral traffic to your page.


Let’s take your restaurant business as an example. Firstly, people will need to find your location and physically come to you (or at least be close by if you only deliver within a certain radius). Secondly, you will have plenty of competitors, so you need to optimize your Google My Business page to perfection.

Pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants are allowed to serve customers indoors

This was down about 10 percentage points from pre-coronavirus levels, and likely due to the fact that many people were not going into work. However, in recent weeks, this proportion returned to pre-COVID levels of about 30%.


Driving Them Crazy: Americans' Top Customer Service Complaints

Stewart as Seberg does an excellent job of portraying a woman who was living the life of a star without realizing that it only takes one thing to set her world on fire. A once vibrant woman is put through a ringer that takes away the light Hollywood once saw in her. Stewart portrays that from the very beginning to the very end. Her performance is one that I won't soon forget, well done.

Cut in small pieces and cover the split. This keeps in the moisture and helps keep the split from opening up further.


Some of it is squirm-inducing: the story theme is battered insensible, with diners asked to leave a book behind (I was thinking 50 Shades, since I ain't reading it) and each dish comes with its own tale. The candle references Sellers' dripping-loving dad. Onions in varying degrees of seductive, thyme-fragranced charredness tell us about fairground hotdogs, apparently, their fruity gin bath "because Tom loves gin". And there's a distinct lack of humour off the plate – Marmite quips on the arrival of beef cheeks with yeast-baked cauliflower go down as well as if we'd asked for Fosters and ketchup.

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What can you tell me about using testosterone to jump-start diminished sex drive in women? I used to have a fantastic libido and enjoyed a great sex life with my husband. But ever since menopause, I am rarely interested in sex, and when we do make love I almost never have an orgasm.

I knew Sellers was one to watch when I helped judge (anonymously) the YBF Awards last year, and was enchanted by the arrival of a candle in a vintage, nursery-rhyme holder. It was that rarest of experiences: something genuinely new. A refined version turns up here: a candle made from beef dripping pools into the holder; dense, dark sourdough for dipping; and a relish of finely cubed veal tongue, celery and jellied chicken consommé in a sharp-sweet dressing. Bloody lovely: earthy, piquant, meaty flavours and wobbly, crunchy, fatty textures, all in one mouthful.


The Best Eateries In Washington Heights And Inwood: Patch Survey

My partner picked baked potato pizza ($12/95) with fried potatoes, bacon lardons, scallions and dollops of sour cream on a chewy crust. Maybe too many carbohydrates for my palate, but it was infinitely better than the pizza I chomped on with an IV in my arm for research a few years back.

A charred edamame hummus ($8/95) led off as our “small plates” choice. It came forward with fresh texture and depth of flavor, aided by chili oil and a relish with banana pepper, pine nut and caper, all on top of the light-green hummus. Six slices of grilled bread could serve a larger table, but it was a tasty and filling starter for two.


Cities Crack Down On Food Delivery App Fees As Restaurants Struggle To Survive

The #SaveChineseRestaurants currently has over 830 tags on Instagram, and chefs and cookbook authors like J. Kenji López-Alt, Cathy Erway, Ellie Krieger, Ruth Reichl and Andrew Zimmern have helped to spread the word. But it also has inspired regular Instagram users to take note, like user @rebelg20005, who posted that they did their part to support Chinese restaurants (visit) with a 60-mile drive for takeout in Wisconsin.