Tree of Savior: Mobile Remake is the mobile MMORPG or ‘mobile massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ rendition of the popular isometric MMORPG Tree of Savior. The game offers similar gameplay to the original PC version where you play as one of four base classes of Archer, Cleric, Wizard or Swordsman to complete quests and venture in dungeons.

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  • Tree Of Savior will put in our best efforts for our fans throughout the test period
  • The Tree of Savior beta will go through Steam and and IMC Games' own proprietary launcher
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Tree of Savior is an MMORPG from the creator of Ragnarok Online, based on Lithuanian mythology. Players can choose from the most extensive variety of classes, and go conquering a vast world filled with monsters, quests and dungeons.

There will be no time limit on when you can redeem your items. You may decide to receive them at the time of your choice.


The game itself is free to play, with purchasable options available in the game. This means you are free to spend as much or as little as you want in the game. There’s nothing worse than dropping $60 on a game only to find out you don’t like it after just a few minutes of play, so this is a big bonus to the game.

Note - I did not buy the access package yet, wanted to make sure no problems arise with the game. So far, me being cautious was the right thing it seems.


This is an updated leveling guide(Re:Build) since there are a ton of new/returning players getting into the game. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to level now but this is a guide on how to level efficiently and quickly.

You can download the client from your Library immediately, and even launch it, but the game will not be available to play until October 27th at 3AM EDT/12AM PDT. Get it downloaded, play with the skill calculator, and get ready for a relatively short wait. Closed beta launch is less than 36 hours from the time or writing!


Some users reported performance issues in the game; the most common are issues with the FPS like Low FPS and FPS Drops and some Stuttering and Lag related issues. You can fix all of the game performance issues with the tutorial below.

Tree of Savior Screenshots

If you are completely confident in your abilities, welcome to the Guild Wars mode - there are no safe places, there are no places where enemies can not reach, either in the open field or in the dungeons. By the way, in the whole game there are more than 200 unique boss monsters.

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This is where you input your beta key. Do so, click next, and the game will be available in your Steam Library.


You may not sell or exploit the Beta keys for commercial purposes. Your Beta key will be revoked immediately and you will be restricted from participating the beta test, including future tests, when found selling the key or using it for commercial purposes.

There are many character classes and 8 ranks. Each combination of class and rank is interesting in its own way. There are also classes that are simply not accessible, you have to satisfy special requirements so that these classes become available.


Everything from the graphics card and RAM bus speeds to the system serial number and processor info

Fires an arrow with a bomb attached. Upon hitting a target, the arrow will explode after an amount of time, dealing extra damage.

The Orb of Return carried by Priest Irma. It's about to shatter due to being used on Marnox so many times.


Fires an arrow with a high chance of critical attack. Increases the caster's critical damage when a critical shot is landed.

If you're one of the few who don't use Steam, it's time to get it downloaded. The Tree of Savior (find out here now) beta will go through Steam and and IMC Games' own proprietary launcher. You can only activate your beta key and play the game on October 27th using Valve's platform.


Throw a training doll and have your hawk attack the targeted area. Deals additional damage to Beast type enemies.

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After an unsuccessful experiment with Ragnarok Online 2, the leading developer of the original Ragnarok joined the developer team of another project. The South-Korean company IMC Games started working on a project with a similar concept.

You can search for the goddess in your own style - the game provides many opportunities for this in Massive Freedom of Choice mode. You have a huge selection of costumes and expressions. In any mode, different jobs, skills, and stats are available.


In this game you need to find a goddess in the world of chaos. The game world is based on traditional Lithuanian culture and mythology. The names of cities in the game world are consonant with the names of the real cities of this region and neighboring countries. For example, Klaipedia is located in the South of the Kingdom within the Klaipedia region. The city is one of the main cities in the game's world. It is connected to West Siauliai Woods, the starting point for all the new Revelators. The name of this city is made from the name of the real city in Lithuania - Klaipeda.

Fires an arrow, igniting flames that inflict damage over time on enemies entering the targeted area. Targets that step on the flames receive continuous damage.