Use the YafaRay-SketchUp repository instead. Sketchup Exporter for YafaRay, based on the Exvion plugin.

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  • You can find out the Sketchup Ruby version by opening the Ruby Console from within Sketchup and executing
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Free app Penzil lets you sketch in 3D and export to Blender

And this is just the file size, not to mention the increasing demand from the hardware to manipulate and edit the scene. For me, I still think that for grass surfaces one of the best solutions is to simulate everything with textures. Just add a grass texture with an alpha channel to a small plane, and create several copies over the surface. You will have to be careful with the camera angle, but it will represent a good and light weight grass solution.

A new lease of life for a pioneering open-source renderer

It's not a bug, it's on purpose. Running two renderings at the same time wouldn't be efficient.


This last week I was browsing in LuxRender user forums when I found an interesting patch posted by radiance, with a grass patch. The patch can be downloaded for free and contains a small plane with lots of grass leaves and a texture file.

Following a performance study of the rendering engines able to run within Sweet Home 3D, I decided last year to develop a new plug-in based on YafaRay (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=4151) rendering engine. After many tests and the feedback of volunteers, here's the version 1/0 of the YafaRay (click to find out more) rendering plug-in (24 MB – See below for updates) able to run under Windows 32/64 bit (from Windows 7), macOS 64 bit (from Mac OS X 10/8) and Linux 32/64 bit (from Ubuntu 16). As it depends on DLLs that must be included with the plug-in to support all these operating systems, it's much larger than other plug-ins, and it's slower to start than SunFlow rendering engine used in Sweet Home 3D. But once the rendering has begun to be computed, you should get the final image much faster (generally twice as fast). Therefore, the performance gain should be interesting mostly if you want to compute large images.


I normally run at 4K 150% scaling 60 Hz. I tried 1080P at 100% scaling. Still have problem with cursor dragging window panes on top of other panes. Resizing or lowering the window refreshes it until I use the cursor again. It behaves like the current pane gets stuck on my cursor and copies of it get dropped all over the window.

Windows 10 64bit MinGW Standalone

Hello Emmanuel Puybaret, I use the last version 6/5.2, on windows 10 professional 64 bits. I take this ticket to praise this software. Thank you so much for everything.


Actually I did a bit more than just flip the normals of the clock face. The Mantel clock is not really a well constructed model. I had to get rid of several doublettes, which you can see from the material list if you open the modify window. Double faces, especially with non-matching colours or textures, tend to create black surfaces or stange triangular patterns when used with SH3D.

Travis, I don't think your issue is the same bug as Jamison reported. Try the version 6/5.5 released in the Mac App Store two days ago which should fix your problem. As Jamison couldn't reproduce his issue, I close this bug ticket.


This is actually a tradeoff on the parameter I changed in the previous version to avoid clear lines at the ceiling border. A few clear pixels may appear a little more in version 1/4.4 but this unwanted shadow line won't appear on this dishwasher (and other 3D objects, I hope).

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Activity for Sweet Home 3D

If you are working with real-time visualization for architecture, you have a couple of options regarding tools and render engines. The easiest way to embrace that technology is with Eevee and Blender 2/8, which offers a convenient and powerful way to create real-time images.

V-ray for trueSpace patch

Use a custom filename and directory for the generated XML file. This is useful when generating multiple XML files for batch rendering or for rendering a previously generated XML file.


OSX 10.13.2, Python 3.5. Segfault code: 11 on importing shogun #4068

La version 6/5.5 disponible dans le Mac App Store depuis le 18/5 devrait corriger ce problème. Pour plus d'informations, voir ce message.

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To fix the Mantel clock, I used a program called Verto Studio 3D, which is free if you are using apple OS, and cost some 18 euro for Windows. Verto Studio 3D is a program that during the past five years have become my favourite companion to SH3D.

This seems to be a really old ticket that hasn't got any attention. I also REALLY would like to see Notes as an option on Furniture. Doesn't seem to be too hard to add an extra field into the database and revise some forms to accommodate entry. This would allow a LOT more functionality for planning, layout issues, materials required, etc, etc.


Sketchup pro 2020 cracked

I need to set the x-axis to 90° so the railing goes n-s rather than east-west. I also need to set the y-axis to 60° so the railing follows the stairs. If the angle buttons were just buttons rather than radio buttons the interface would allow this. I don't know if the implementation allows an object to have both x-axis & y-axis to be non-zero. This seems to be a reasonable use?


Use Custom XML Export is for directly rendering a preexisting xml file instead of the normal process of generation then rendering. I'm guessing the export xml is useful only for developers.

I'm not very comfortable with using Blender. It's a great program, by all means, and you can most certainly use it to flip face normals, but for me to find out how to do that would include searching for tutorials on youtube or the user forum. I only use Blender for fixing complicated texture coordinates, which is as far as I have come with mastering the program.


Feel free to contribute yourself, here or in Sweet Home 3D forum

This distortion will grow bigger as the reflecting object is taken further away. YafaRay can simulate this phenomenon.

The patch can be downloaded for free and contains a small plane with lots of grass leaves and a texture file

All this to say that I will most definitely have a look at Verto Studio 3D (and I’m working on a Mac, so yeah freeware). I’m quite happy with SH3D, but I must say that finding a convivial and easy to use 3D modelling companion app is something I have been missing from time to time. I think it has the potential to be a useful addition to my toolbox.

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  • I think Kerkythea is a good alternative to YafaRay
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  • If you need to build for other Sketchup version, you need to use the appropriate Ruby version