Atletico Madrid paid a whopping 120 million to get this lad but honestly, he boosts so much talent. Because of this, his in-game card and play look amazing. His skill set is the best in the lot, can’t really argue more. One of the best in this position and his creative playmaker gives him all the freedom to create all the chances to his teammates. More than SS, we would suggest you to play him in the AMF position, as Creative Playmaker + AMF is always preferred well, just like PES 2021 Messi.

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Easily one of the best picks in the DMF sector. If some player did come close to him last year, it was Rodri. But this year, he is in the top with amazing in-game performance. Scoring bangers is a thing lately with him which surely does not disappoint. For a DMF he is really quick to pick up passes, provides assistance to attack with deadly interceptions and through balls, thanks to his wonderful body balance.


Another skillful forward inDaramy, he is a Goal Poacher but with great stats both aerial and ground. Hecan run an entire 90 minutes, thanks to his stamina. Quick and agile, he hasgood number of skills for a forward. To make him more lethal, use your skillstokens to get him a First-Time shot skill.

We know it’s difficult to list all of the best (here are the findings) players, but we had to limit it. Whom do you think we should add in this list? Give your suggestions in the comment section below. Read more PES Mobile articles by clicking here. Also if you found this helpful, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.


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Slowly, his potential in game isbeing identified, as his performance matches most Black Ball defenders. With 86Defensive Awareness and 87 Ball Winning, his Build Up play after recovering theball also helps you to start counters, with also enough pace to catch opponentforwards off guard.


The most unexpected name in the list for sure. Van De Beek was a consistent performer in the Champions League for Ajax. Thanks to that, his stats got increased and thus his game performance improved remarkably well, which makes him enter our list. His Hole Player trait is his biggest plus, often he will finish you a passed ball, thanks to his 88 finishing which for an attacking midfielder, is amazingly great. First time shooting and one-touch passing, ooff. Except for Set piece taking, he excels in every department, so do not hesitate to pick this player.

We might even see a centre-back win the Ballon d’Or later this year. If Virgil van Dijk were to win it, he’d be the first since Fabio Cannavaro in 2006.


Featured Players are available in PES 2021 myClub for one week each. They feature boosted stats compared to the regular 'cards' and can only be obtained using 'Special Agents'.

A defensive goalkeeper, whodoesn’t have any skills but his performance is top level. He has good reach andReflexes and if he’s being given any important skills like Penalty Saver or LowPunt, you are good to go.


It will be worth watching how Godin, at the age of 33, adjusts to a new league as he embarks on a chapter with Inter Milan. Under Conte at Inter, he’ll form part of a stellar back three with Milan Skriniar and Stefan de Vrij.

Not the highest rated, but definitely one of the best white ball players in PES 2021. His performance in-game is amazing, with great Ball Winning and Physical Contact stats, he is even good at air too. Also, with the Man-Marking skill, it is not easy for the opponents to get past him.


Last season will be remembered for being one where Mats Hummels wasn’t really wanted. He was unceremoniously retired from international duty by his manager Joachim Low and sold by Bayern Munich to rivals Borussia Dortmund (who aren't on PES 2021).

It was not, and Ramos came under further criticism for having his documentary crew film as he watched his side crash out of Europe in the second leg. Things weren’t calm in La Liga either, as Real Madrid endured a torrid defensive season.


PES 2021 New Skill controls for PS4 and Xbox One

It’s lucky for Napoli that he seems settled because Europe’s biggest clubs would love to get their hands on him. This season hasn’t started so smoothly for him, however, after scoring a shocking own goal against Juventus.

A versatile defensive utility player who has been shining for his Club and Country, with the most memorable performances at the WC. He’s been used as a CB/RB when needed for his team, so even in PES his familiarity doesn’t drop. A very good Defensive fullback in him will up your game, including various skills which are way too good for a defender.


If yes, please give your reviews in the comment section below. For more PES Mobile articles, news and reviews, stay tuned to GamingonPhone.

Due to this change, we will be resetting all assessments in conjunction with the PES 2021 update

The tallest goalkeeper in-game among the white ball players in PES 2021, his height serves him the greatest advantage. He is inconsistent in-game if to be honest, a 3 form which doesn’t help him to stay always in the best condition. But still, he does pull off incredible saves for you, irrespective of what condition he is at. Must have in your White ball team.


In Pes 2021 the spectators in the stands react with amazing realism to the ups and downs of each match

AJAX’s rising superstar Gravenberchmight not be their regular starter, but for your team, he can surely be. His in-gameperformance reflects his stats perfectly, a Box-To-Box midfielder you shouldn’tafford to miss. His stats are very well balanced who also provides pace morethan expected for a midfielder.

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