I noticed how high the prices were too, kinda bugged me that $10 only gives you 10k in TC and as the prices get higher it doesnt offer any kind of incentive or deal, $20=20k TC, $50=50k TC, etc, and most things in the shop that would be wanted, cost 100-200k in TC, but only $5. Dufuq Toribash? Why would i waste so much money for so little of a currency, when i could buy it directly for cheaper.

  • Toribash-4.5.dmg - Toribash v4.5 For Mac OS X
  • Toribash v4.5 For Windows
  • Alongside with Torishop there is a player-driven Market in Toribash where anyone can sell any item they have
  • A quick video tutorial on how to make a nice head texture for use in Toribash
  • All management with your inventory is done on the official Toribash game forum
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MultiPlayer - When you click it you'll see a list of game rooms which are available for playing online. You can also create your own room by clicking the "Create" button in the bottom right corner.


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Toribash TC Toribank Hack.zip download

And those very same people wonder why the game population is as low as it is, they say it is because of the learning curve. No, it's because people are not given a chance to learn.

  • Toribash Item/TC Generator v2.1
  • Toribash: World Championship Collectors Cards now available
  • How to change Textures & Skins on TORIBASH
  • Toribash v4.5 For Mac OS X
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There are lots of items of all sorts in Toribash and it is almost impossible to obtain all of them

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This is a guide to show noobs how not to be noobs. This guide will show you how to get started, use the torishop, and to fight online.

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It has a little bit different physics than the normal no mod play. You'll see that you spawn inside a sqaure. If any body part (including feet and hands) touch outside the square, it's atomatic DQ. If any body parts besides hands and feet touch inside the square, it's DQ too. So look out for tackles and kicks that get you off balance. Judo is mostly the same as aikido. You can let your ffet and hands touch the ground, but anything else is DQ. in judo it's a lot easier to dismember people.